Maple Valley Design Build uses varying tools during the design process from hand sketches, realistic renderings, to standard construction drawings.  The design process most architects follow is deliberate and relatively standardized, however it can often be foreign to new clients.  

Projects are typically divided in to 4-phases, as outlined below.  Each phase culminates with the release of a set of design drawings.  These drawings serve as milestone steps towards the final construction drawings and will increase in scope and detail with each subsequent release. 

1. Schematic Design.   Based on previous discussions and a general understanding of the goals and wishes of the client, we will create a concept design to be presented to the client.  The design process will allow for 2+ meetings and associated revisions to the Schematic Design before completion of this phase.  Drawings will be presented as floor plans, simple elevations and CAD massing models as needed.

2. Design Development.  Once we have an approved schematic design we will focus on the details and fine-tune the design.  This will include interior elevations and renderings as we evaluate and determine the materials and methods to be used.  Subtle design changes are still expected but the general path of the project is set.  Any major changes would require a return to Schematic Design.  We expect another 2+ client meetings during this phase, dependent on the scale and scope of the project.

Outline Specifications will be developed with a goal of having a completed document at the end of Design Development.  This will define and organize the materials, fixtures and product selections.

3. Construction Drawings Fully document the design, including structural framing drawings, electrical drawings, and details for construction.   This will provide a basis for the bidding documents that will be released, as required.

4. Construction.  The architect is fully involved in the construction process and typically Maple Valley team is chosen to perform the construction.  We pride ourselves on quality work that will stand the test of time, and full integration of the design and construction process.  This allows us to efficiently take advantage of opportunities that arise during construction, react quickly to changes, and ensure all the details of construction support the original design intent.

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